Eastbay is a retailer of sportswear and footwear that sells its products through its website and a direct mail order catalogue.

Eastbay Catalog

Eastbay catalog

All about Eastbay

Eastbay promises to help you “get your game ready”, whether it’s football, baseball, basketball or soccer – whatever the sport, they’ll sell clothes, shoes and equipment to help you get ready for the game. They sell men’s and women’s sportswear at reasonable prices and take pride in selling professional-quality equipment.

You can get good deals on Eastbay and there are many ways to do so. You can check the official eastbay.com website to see if there are any current offers, such as a 20% Eastbay coupon or free shipping for your purchase. Don’t forget to shop in the sales area too! You can even register as a member for a small fee and get access to exclusive offers and discounts.

The Eastbay Story

Richard Gering and Art Juedes started in 1980 on Eastbay, but the original idea was just to sell shoes. They started a series of shoe clinics with a stock of shoes worth about $7,000. At each clinic, they appeared with their shoes and a price list. In 1983, things evolved into the current business when they started selling a special catalogue of baseball and running shoes.

By 1990, they had a large business with a call centre, mail order and design department. That year, they launched their own sportswear line. Today, Eastbay employs more than 3,000 people.

Eastbay promises that their shoes and clothes will always fit them.

When you buy shoes or clothes on Eastbay, you can be sure you’re not stuck with a size that doesn’t fit. This is often a problem when you shop online but are not sure what size you can get. Fortunately, Eastbay has a “Fit Pledge Guarantee”.

What does this mean? It’s very simple: they offer free exchanges in different sizes, so you can get exactly the right size. It’s a wise policy, because fit is very important when you’re exercising – you don’t want to have running shoes that are too tight!

The only condition is that the items you wish to exchange must be “in a clean and unaltered condition” and within 90 days of purchase. All you then have to do is fill out a quick return form that will be sent to you with your order, attach a label that has also been sent and send it back.

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