ShopRite is a chain of cooperative supermarkets found throughout the northeast.

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All about ShopRite

ShopRite, also known as ShopRite, Shop-Rite or Shop Rite supermarkets, is a chain of cooperative-style supermarkets you’ll find in many northeastern states. They are the largest food retailer in some of the states in the region. You can shop at your local ShopRite store or their online store at They make home deliveries, so you can order everything from the comfort of your own home.

If you want to make sure you always know when ShopRite coupons are available, add them to your favourite stores here at You can also join their Plus Price Club, which offers discounts and promotions exclusively to ShopRite Shop members.

The ShopRite Story

ShopRite was founded in 1946 by a sales representative of Del Monte Foods. Independent grocers complained that they were not getting good prices when they bought at retail, so the agent suggested that they buy together as a co-operative. This is how ShopRite came into being, although it was not named until 1951.

In ten years, they had 70 members and earned over $100 million a year. Today, they have nearly 300 stores under the Wakefern Food Corporation banner. Because it is a co-operative, the stores have no overall design or layout, so many of them are very different!

What’s in a name? ShopRite’s slogans change over the years

Like many stores, ShopRite’s slogan has changed a lot over the years, in keeping with the spirit of the times. They have had many different slogans over the decades.

One of the first was “Why pay more? Buy in a ShopRite store”. Two new slogans were introduced in the 1970s: “Hey, Mom, what are we eating? ShopRite has the answer” and “ShopRite makes the box and sells many brands”. The slogan “Can Can” is still used today!

In the 1980s, “ShopRite does it right” was introduced, which was later translated as “We (no longer) save you money! ShopRite does it right!”.

In 1994, they launched “ShopRite and always save”. Two years later, they launched “What’s for dinner? ShopRite has the answer”. In 1999, they used “Always fresh… always for less”!

The 2000s also saw the introduction of new slogans, such as “One place”. Your place”, “It makes a difference where you shop” and “We take care of the food. For us, it’s all about saving money. We’re all about you”, the third is their current slogan!

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