Subway is a sandwich chain based in the United States, but with a worldwide presence – it has over 44,000!

All about the subway

Subway is a fast food franchise that sells submarine sandwiches and salads. Subway has 44,852 stores worldwide! Their menu consists of sandwiches with various toppings, from simple tuna salad to popular hot toppings such as marinara meatballs. Most stores offer daily specials, where a particular submarine is available at a reduced price that day, and most stores offer a breakfast menu. Subway sandwiches are available in two sizes: one foot long and 6″.

Vouchers and discount codes can be found on the subway website, along with other useful information such as store locations and schedules and nutritional information. With the Subway card, users can earn points when shopping at a Subway restaurant. You can also view all last-minute offers right here in the store.

Subway History

The subway began in 1965 when a man named Fred DeLuca borrowed $1,000 from his friend Pete to open a restaurant. As a token of his appreciation, he called it “Pete’s Super Submarines.” The following year, as the restaurant expanded, they both formed a company. In 1968, they changed the name of the sandwich shop to Subway.

By 1984, Subway had grown so much that they opened their first overseas restaurant in Bahrain. In 2007, it was regularly listed in Enterpreneur magazine’s Top 500 franchise list, and in 2010, it officially became the world’s largest fast food chain.

Today, the metro has about 45,000 seats in 112 different countries.

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